Win a box of persimmon cookies!

Hi folks,

It’s one month until Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you, but I am already looking forward to large quantities of pumpkin pie and plates piled high with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry relish sandwiches. Of course, I am looking forward to time with my family as well, but what can I say . . . I’m pretty excited about the food. 🙂

This blog is partly to blame for that. In every other letter Elmer is thanking his parents and sisters for sending him food. They ship him everything from cigars and nuts to candy and even cookies. Although the cookies have to travel 5,000 miles to get to him, he doesn’t seem to mind . . . nor do his hungry shipmates.

Anyway, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but I’d your help with one last item to add to my list of blessings: 100 followers by Thanksgiving. I am going on a full-court press to publicize this blog and bring attention to this project during the lead-up to the Pearl Harbor anniversary on December 7th, but those efforts will stand a much better chance of being successful if my number of blog followers is in the triple digits.

If you enjoy reading this, please consider sharing one of my posts on Facebook, or encouraging a friend or co-worker to check it out. Please also feel free to comment on and like the posts . . . all these things might seem small, but they really help me out.

And to move things along . . . I’m going to hold a little contest. Anyone who follows (or who has already followed) my blog by 11:59pm Pacific Time on Friday, November 22nd will be eligible to receive a box of homemade persimmon cookies, along with a nice handwritten card. All you have to do is forward your subscription confirmation email to lucketthistory at gmail dot com. Please put “Persimmon cookies” in the subject heading. I will choose the winning email at random, bake and ship the cookies on Monday, and pay for whatever delivery method gets them to the winner’s address by Wednesday evening.*

Persimmon cookies are the perfect Thanksgiving Day snack, and are fantastic for long waits in line at Best Buy the next morning.

If you don’t like persimmons, let me know and I’ll make chocolate chip cookies instead. Or oatmeal raisin. Or just send me a recipe . . .

Image result for persimmon cookies
Persimmon cookies, made fresh and delivered right to your door from Northern California!

Anyway, thank you all for your support . . . and good luck!


* I cannot guarantee Wednesday evening delivery for international (non-US) addresses, but I am more than happy to ship cookies to the winner regardless of where they live in the world. It may just take a little while longer.