A Tale of Four Laptops

After several frustrating hours last night trying to accomplish the simple work of scanning and transcribing a few letters, I am now spending several hours this evening setting up my brand new Microsoft Surface Laptop. Hopefully this will do the things I need it to do: run Dragon Naturally Speaking, Adobe Suite, potentially some video editing, and otherwise serve as a travel/mobile laptop to complement my iMac at home.

My needs have quickly evolved. So much so that this is my third laptop purchase in a year! First I bought a Chromebook-esque ASUS Notebook PC, believing that I just needed something for light word processing on the go and work emails. It turned out, however, that its 28 GB was wholly inadequate to the task of running Outlook and Adobe, and thus it was quickly abandoned for my next purchase: a slightly more expensive Dell Inspiron 15. Yet this computer (which is what I was using last night) is a terrible choice for any major tasks like running a transcriber program. It is clunky, slow, and probably bad enough that I should have never bought it in the first place! Combine these acquisitions with my old laptop, and that makes four laptops now in my possession. One more and I think our house will magically transform into a Fry’s or a Best Buy.

Thus far I am liking the Surface laptop, which is a bit short on memory but which has sufficient RAM and processing power to get the job done. So now that my wife is making fun of me for having four laptops . . . does anyone need a gently used computer?

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