Announcement: 1941 Monthly Summary posts (starting Wednesday!)

Thee 78th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack is two months away. I am still working my way through the spring 1941 letters, and would like to get those finished by Thanksgiving so that I can spend my winter break going through the 1942 letter set and doing research on Grandpa’s ships in Maryland.

So . . . let’s do this:

Each week, I will write a blog post summarizing a month of Grandpa’s experiences in Hawai’i and on the Chew during the year preceding the attack on Pearl Harbor. These posts will drop on Wednesday. This Wednesday, for example, you’ll get to read about Grandpa’s adventures in April 1941, which will include his first impressions of engine room work after he completes his mess duty. Next Wednesday, I will publish a post based on his May 1941 letters. And so on, until the first week of December, which will actually correspond with December 1941 . . . These monthly summary posts together will help shape a larger narrative about Elmer’s life leading up to the attack. Throughout the rest of the week I will continue to post about other related subjects, including brief reviews of the books I read as part of my research for this project.

Is there anything you’d like me to cover or discuss in the monthly summaries? Post a comment with your suggestions!

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