In the news: Sunken Japanese Carriers found near Midway

Last week, an undersea exploration venture founded by Microsoft’s Paul Allen succeeded in locating the Kaga and the Akagi, two of the four carriers sunk by United States aircraft during the climactic Battle of Midway in June 1942. Located by scientists aboard the research vessel Petrel, these wrecks represent an extraordinarily important find for historians, and provide some closure for the families of those men who are entombed with the ships.

Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Kaga.jpg
The Kaga. Notice how the smokestack is pointed down towards the water.

The Kaga, incidentally, is the first sunken Japanese carrier to be discovered after the war.

Not only does this come as good news for researchers, but it is certainly a promising development for the makers of Midway, Roland Emmerich’s upcoming film about the battle.

For more information on this story, check out the Washington Post article here.

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