Website changes and other updates

Hi all,
I’ve been making some changes to my site in order to make it less of a blog about one particular project and more of an author platform that connects all the things on which I am working. For starters, I have a new landing page—which I am still working on—and a separate page for my posts. I apologize in advance for any confusion.

In addition, I have also figured out how to create custom banners on each individual page, so the picture of letters on a kitchen table that used to grace every one of my pages will only be found on my blog from here on out. I have already created new banners for the other pages . . . please check them out!

I also took the C.V. link out of the banner menu and replaced it with a link to this blog. Anyone who wants to see my C.V. can see it right here, or you can access it through my About Me page. Finally, I deleted the “Teaching” page since those resources are already available to my students. If anyone wants to see an old syllabus of mine for some reason, please send me a request via my Contact form.

Finally, some really good news with respect to my Grandpa’s Letters project: it has representation! I am excited to be working with Barbara Collins Rosenberg at the Rosenberg Group, and I look forward to finishing my book in the coming months and hopefully presenting it to a wide audience once it comes out.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest, and please stay tuned!

All the best,

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