December 2, 1941

This is the last letter I have before the Attack on Pearl Harbor. As Elmer indicates below, he is on patrol until December 6th, so it is likely that this is the last one that gets out.

My grandpa told me several times that he had a letter postmarked December 7th. Unfortunately, it is not part of the collection of letters I received. In any case, he would have written that letter on Saturday, December 6th, and as he told me in his oral interview he mailed them only a few minutes before the bombs started to fall.

Speaking of that interview, I will post the Pearl Harbor portion of it on Wednesday.

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Elmer Luckett on Pearl Harbor (excerpted from oral interview, recorded 12-31-14)

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2 thoughts on “December 2, 1941

  1. Matt I remember seeing that December 6th (?) letter in dad’s service album. Believe your folks have it. This is the same album that has photos of Honolulu before the attack. Uncle Rich

    From Rich’s Desk


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